Press Release

27 May 2009

MITIE to the rescue!

Kevin Collins and Patrick Cahill from MITIE, the strategic outsourcing and asset management company, were called to the rescue by a local resident when her 17 month old grandson became locked inside her home – on his own. 

Margaret Wilson, of Frankley, Birmingham, was outside at the time and did not have any access to a phone. Not wanting to leave her grandson alone, she was unable to seek help. She attempted to coax her Grandson towards the door, however being only small, he was happier playing! 

In a state of utter desperation, Margaret had the luck of spotting a MITIE van coming down the road and ran towards them. MITIE provide repair and maintenance services for Birmingham City Council and so were well equipped to help with the situation. 

After pulling over the MITIE men kept Margaret calm, and promised to help her rescue her grandson. Offering more than just the use of their mobile telephone, they went with her to the property and managed to reunite Margaret and her grandson by forcing the lock on the back door of the house. 

As they were en-route to another job at the time, they were unable to fix the door straight away, but instead promised they would return to fix the door later on. In true MITIE fashion, they returned to replace the glass during their lunch break later that same day.

Kevin Collins, one of the MITIE rescuers commented, “We spotted this lady on the way to a morning job, she looked rather panicked and we pulled over straight away. Incredibly, her baby grandson had locked the door, which meant we had to force our way in through the back door. It was great to see him reunited with his grandma.” 

Margaret Wilson, relieved local resident, added, “I’m just so thrilled that the two men came and helped me, I was getting very anxious as there seemed no way to get the door open. I tried to offer them some money which they wouldn’t take; they were so helpful and I am very grateful to them.” 


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Notes for editors

What is MITIE?
We’re the strategic outsourcing and asset management company.

What does that mean in practice? Providing everything from strategic consultancy, to world-class delivery on the ground. From long-term infrastructure planning, to facilities management, property and engineering services. Our strategic input can add value at the highest level, while our practical management expertise can save customers money and maximise their returns.

At the same time, it’s not just what we do, but how we do it that makes us different. Our people are passionate about what they do, committed to working in partnership with their clients, and will always look for a fresh answer to a new challenge.

We work with our clients in three ways; some take full advantage of our whole range of expertise by buying the whole suite, others may only need one aspect of what we do:

Strategy and consultancy

+ Facilities and project management

+ Service delivery

In other words, we think, we manage, and we deliver.

The thinking phase is all about finding strategic answers to long-term challenges about assets and resources. Facilities and project management puts those plans in place, and our unrivalled range of services is one of the best in the business.

There’s a lot more to MITIE than you probably think. We’re a big company with big ambitions - a leading FTSE 250 support services business, with 49,000+ people, revenues in excess of £1.4bn, and a reputation for being the best.