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27 April 2020

Mitie to provide key services at Coronavirus test centres

  • Mitie is supporting the UK’s fight against the Coronavirus pandemic by providing key services at five COVID-19 test centres in Penrith, Inverness, Bournemouth, Perth and Llandudno
  • The services delivered at the test centres include clinical waste management and security services, such as traffic management and lane support

Mitie, the UK’s leading facilities management and professional services company, is supporting Britain’s efforts to fight the Coronavirus pandemic by providing services for five COVID-19 test centres. The centres, located in Penrith, Inverness, Bournemouth, Perth and Llandudno are an essential part of the UK’s response to the pandemic.

Mitie is supporting each site by providing critical clinical waste management and security services, such as traffic management and lane support. Using its expertise in these areas, Mitie will help ensure that the centres meet their testing targets which are essential for identifying people with COVID-19 and therefore limiting the spread of the infection. The Inverness site was the first to open on 25 April 2020, with the centre in Bournemouth on 26 April. Penrith is due to open on 28 April 2020, with Perth and Llandudno set to open later in the week. Mitie will have as many as 300 employees working across the five sites.

Mitie is committed to supporting the UK in its efforts to fight the Coronavirus pandemic. In addition to providing services at these test centres, Mitie is supporting the NHS by delivering essential services at both the Nightingale Hospital London and the Ysbyty Calon y Ddraig – Dragon’s Heart Hospital as it is known in English – in Cardiff. The company is also helping keep Britain running by providing key services, such as cleaning, security and engineering, at critical sites across the country.

Simon Venn, Chief Government & Strategy Officer, Mitie, said:

“Our priority during the pandemic is to support the nation’s efforts to fight COVID-19 and help keep the country running. Testing is a critical part of the UK’s strategy to combat coronavirus and we’re proud to support the Government with this vital task. It is a perfect example of a seamless collaboration between the public and private sector and it exemplifies the amazing things that can be achieved as a result. A big thank you to all the Mitie employees and other frontline heroes who are working tirelessly to keep us all safe.”

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