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4 August 2020

Mitie Security launches Global Security Operations service accelerating intelligence and tech-led security

  • Mitie Security has launched a new Global Security Operations service, integrating all of its intelligence and technology-led solutions into one integrated security offer
  • The service will combine Mitie’s industry-leading software, its 20,000 frontline security officers and world-class risk specialists, enabling customers to make informed security decisions
  • Mitie’s customers will receive real-time operational intelligence and can also opt-in to enhanced intelligence sharing with other businesses and the Police to tackle wider crime issues

Mitie Security, the UK’s largest intelligence-led security business, has launched a new “Global Security Operations” service. The service brings together Mitie Security’s entire suite of industry-leading technology solutions offering a tech-smart and seamless way for businesses to keep their premises, people and customers safe and secure.

The service will deliver real-time intelligence gathered by Mitie’s Global Security Operations Centre (GSOC) through a dedicated app. The app is powered by Mitie’s exclusive Merlin Protect 24/7 software, which continually analyses clients’ risks, automatically sharing real-time trend analysis. By connecting innovative technology with security professionals and decision makers, this service will enable an agile approach to security. Customers will have access to enhanced intelligence and specific guidance, allowing them to adapt swiftly and rapidly deploy security teams on the ground to address issues or threats.

In addition, the new “Global Security Operations” service will also enable Mitie’s sector-leading Risk, Assurance and Resilience specialists to analyse ongoing trends, risks and threats to customers and enable them to implement robust and resilient security strategies.

The “Global Security Operations” service will support businesses in working more effectively with Police Forces to identify and combat regional or national issues. By using data analytics tools, Mitie is able to create a true picture of criminal activity across any geography, sector or business, to identify repeat offenders of organised crime and develop case file management. Customers can opt-in to intelligence sharing networks to amplify these benefits for businesses, Police Forces, and the wider community.

The new service will be led by Barrie Millett, Director of Assurance at Mitie Security. Barrie joined Mitie in April 2020, having previously worked in senior security and resilience roles for several large organisations, including E.ON and GE. The Global Security Operations service has been launched alongside a new website to showcase the new service,

Jason Towse, Managing Director, Business Services, Mitie, said:

“In the security industry, isolated data is not enough – having access to the latest intelligence, coupled with guidance that is quickly actioned on the ground, is essential to staying one step ahead of potential threats. Under Barrie’s leadership, Mitie’s Global Security Operations service seamlessly brings together these elements for the first time and will help customers share intelligence between themselves and the Police like never before.

“The ever-increasing issue of business crime requires insight and adaptability and Mitie brings both. The launch of this new service further demonstrates Mitie’s innovation in creating industry-leading security solutions.”

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