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18 Sep 2017

Mitie’s front of house business rebrands as Signature

Mitie has announced the launch of a new brand for its front of house business, Signature.

18 September 2017

Mitie, the connected workspace and professional services business, has announced the launch of a new brand for its front of house business, Signature. Mitie’s front of house business provides a range of services including reception, telephony, and AV support.

Signature focuses on bringing together intuitive connections, innovation, and a sector-leading standard so that customers benefit from a front of house team that is an authentic representation of their brand.

Mitie’s front of house business was established in 2007. Since then, the business has organically quadrupled its turnover making it the largest front of house business in the UK and the only one with a national footprint.

The rebrand to Signature marks an important step in the evolution of Mitie’s front of house business as it continues to build on its strength in the market. The new brand embraces its service-centric culture and celebrates authenticity and its positive contribution to customer and visitor experiences.

The rebrand encompasses a new “Signature Standard”, supported by a learning and development programme for all staff, to understand the values that underpin being a Signature team member.

Danny Vant, Director of Signature, said: 

“Signature is a reflection of our business maturing from focusing on what we do, to what we stand for. It brings the authenticity and the talent of our people to the forefront, and translates into a service that truly represents our clients.

“Our Signature Standard will be at the core of every element of our business, enabling us to stand out from our competitors and challenge perceptions in the industry.

“Our vision for the future of the business is to think differently about customer service, propelling standards in the business sector beyond the traditional five-star concept to achieve a higher level, embracing technology.”

Signature will roll out throughout the Autumn, from 18 September 2017.