Press Release

20 February 2020

Mitie launches Plan Zero with a commitment to reach zero carbon by 2025 in FM industry first

  • Mitie is the first facilities management (FM) company to make such an ambitious net zero carbon commitment
  • Focused around three key pillars to create maximum impact by drawing on expertise from within Mitie’s business
  • ‘Plan Zero’ blueprint will be leveraged across Mitie’s Public and Private Sector clients to support both their individual, and the UK’s wider business ambitions

Mitie has launched its new industry-leading ‘Plan Zero’ commitment, pledging that it will reach net zero carbon emissions by 2025. Mitie is the first facilities management (FM) company to set such an ambitious net zero emissions target, 25 years ahead of the UK Government’s 2050 target.

To ensure this commitment is achieved, Mitie’s Plan Zero is focused around three key pillars, encompassing the key areas of environmental impact for the business, and setting specific targets to

  • Eliminate carbon emissions from power and transport
  • Eradicate non-sustainable waste
  • Enhance inefficient buildings to meet the highest environmental standards

In power and transport, for example, in addition to the current commitment to switching its fleet to electric vehicles, Mitie has also pledged to decarbonise its heating systems and switch to 100% renewable electricity, as well as using smart building technology to maximise energy efficiency.

Mitie will also remove all single-use materials from its business by embracing the circular economy through initiatives such as closed-loop paper recycling and only using natural, non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products. It will also improve biodiversity at all its sites helping ecosystems flourish.

Plan Zero draws on expertise from across all areas of Mitie’s business including Renewable Energy, Sustainable Infrastructure, Efficient Buildings, Waste Reduction and EV Transition. Using its Plan Zero blueprint, Mitie will apply its capabilities to help its clients achieve their own net zero carbon targets with a package of new services designed specifically to help more clients address these sustainability challenges.

Simon King, Mitie’s new Director of Sustainability, said:

“The climate emergency is a problem that we all need to take responsibility for. If we have any chance of solving it, then businesses need to take bold action now. Plan Zero is our ambitious 2025 commitment, to lead the way, not just within our own industry but across wider UK business too.

“We’re putting the expertise within our business into action. We’re stepping up the roll out of our electric fleet, powering our buildings with renewables and championing the circular economy. Plan Zero is our promise to protect the planet and leave it in a better condition than we found it. Over the next five years, and beyond, this will simply become how Mitie does business and we hope many more companies will join us on this journey.”


Notes to Editors

About Plan Zero

Plan Zero is Mitie’s commitment to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2025. Focusing on three pillars it has pledged to:

pledge images


Mitie’s Electric Vehicle Fleet Strategy

Recognising that its vehicles account for over 90% of its carbon emissions, in December 2018 Mitie announced an industry-leading commitment to switch 20% of its car and small van fleet to electric by 2020. With over 250 electric vehicles already in the road, it has rapidly expanded its roll-out, adding an extra 75 electric vehicles to the fleet every month positioning it on track to have one of the biggest UK fleets of electric vehicles. Under Plan Zero, Mitie’s entire fleet will be zero carbon by 2025.

About Mitie

Founded in 1987, Mitie is the UK’s leading facilities management and professional services company. It offers a range of services including Technical Services (Engineering Services, Energy, Water and Real Estate Services), Business Services (Security, Cleaning and Office Services) and Specialist Services (Care & Custody, Landscapes and Waste Management).

Mitie employs 48,900 people across the country, looking after a large, diverse, blue-chip customer base, from banks and retailers, to hospitals, schools and critical government strategic assets. It takes care of its customers’ people and buildings, by delivering the basics brilliantly and by deploying advanced technology. It is pioneering the Connected Workspace, using smart analytics to provide valuable insight and deliver efficiencies to create outstanding work environments for customers.