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7 March 2018

Mitie calls on canine lovers across the country to find the next super sniffer dog

  • Mitie's specialist canine unit uses unique skills to detect pests from bed bugs to rodents
  • Mitie is on the hunt for the next generation of super-hero sniffers

As the great and the good of the dog world descend on Birmingham's NEC Arena this weekend for Crufts, Mitie is calling on dog lovers across the UK to celebrate the great work done by the underdogs in the service world.  

These little-known canine partners work tirelessly to sniff out the things humans hate. From detecting rodents to bed bug infestations, Mitie relies on its four-legged friends to identify issues quickly and accurately, so human intervention can be swift to eradicate the pests.  

A dog's nose has over 40 "olfactory" receptors and is over 1000 times more sensitive than that of a human, making smell detection light work for man's best friend.  A sniffer dog's accuracy saves his human colleagues' time, as well as ensuring a more targeted approach.  

For many businesses, persistent pest problems can damage property, spread disease, ruin reputation and even lead to prosecution. Last year, Mitie's super-hero hounds worked doggedly visiting over 400 properties. 

One 'best in breed' is Ted, the two-year-old Labrador, who takes the guesswork out of bed bug infestation detection. With a sense of smell far superior to that of mere mortals, and a 98% detection accuracy rate compared with the naked human eye, Ted's sniffing skills are an invaluable asset to Mitie's pest control business. He travels around the country from Bognor Regis to Blackpool with his handler, tackling problems for hotels and hospitals. 

Archie the Springer Spaniel has spent the last 9 years honing his special skill - identifying mice infestations in a range of premises from University halls of residence to nursing homes. After a long and illustrious career, Archie has retired and is now living at home in Manchester with his son, Denzel.  

With Archie putting his paws up, Mitie's pest control business is recruiting for the next generation of sniffer dogs to continue the good work. The dog handling team are on the lookout for obedient and good-natured candidates with enthusiasm and drive.  

Jonathan Lockwood, Regional Manager for Mitie's pest control business, said: 

“Our dogs are much loved in the Mitie pest control business, but many people don’t realise the key role they play. It's great to celebrate these unsung heroes whose skill and expertise is unparalleled. They bound in to work every day and you can't help but be inspired by their infectious enthusiasm. We hope to find another star sniffer dog."  

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