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4 June 2020

Mitie launches cleaning service using first product proven to combat coronaviruses on most surfaces for six months

  • Mitie has launched a new cleaning service with the UK’s first cleaning product proven to kill coronaviruses1 on most2 surfaces for six months3, Citrox Protect
  • As part of a new specialist service, Mitie cleans, seals and protects all touchpoint surfaces, offering ongoing protection against the spread of 99.9998% of viruses for six months
  • Citrox Protect is chemical-free and non-toxic and produced from all-natural materials

Mitie, the UK’s leading facilities management and professional services company, has launched the UK’s first cleaning service with a chemical-free cleaning product proven to kill certain coronaviruses on most surfaces for six months. Citrox Protect is a non-toxic cleaning product made from two natural materials – silicon dioxide and Citrox, an antiviral substance extracted from citrus fruits. Citrox Protect has been scientifically proven to kill certain coronaviruses.

Mitie is the only UK FM provider to offer Citrox Protect, which kills 99.9998% of all known viruses and bacteria. The product works in two parts. The silicon dioxide forms a natural barrier which coats surfaces to prevent viruses or bacteria from being able to bind to them. Meanwhile, any viruses or bacteria that do land on the surface are killed by the Citrox. The effects of Citrox Protect last for six months, the longest ongoing protection on the market. The product is applied by trained biotechnicians as part of a specialist sanitisation clean, with the product dry to the touch within minutes and fully sealed in 24 hours.

As both silicon dioxide and Citrox are natural compounds, Citrox Protect is non-toxic and safe to be used on food preparation surfaces, as well as being Microsoft approved for use on technology. This makes Citrox Protect ideal for all work environments – from desks, phones and laptops, through to kitchens or retail displays.

With the UK Government currently in the process of lifting lockdown restrictions, many businesses are considering how they can reopen their offices while protecting their employees and customers. Services, such as applying Citrox Protect, which reduce the spread of viruses will be critical to ensure employees can safely return to their workplaces.

James Gilding, Managing Director of Cleaning, Mitie, said:

“The coronavirus pandemic has really brought home the vital role that a clean environment plays in protecting our health. As UK businesses plan for a lift in lockdown restrictions, keeping touchpoints clean – be that desks, door handles or shopping trolleys – is critical to ensuring that we limit the spread of coronavirus. I’m proud that Mitie is able to bring Citrox Protect to the UK market and is able to help British companies get back to business.”

Richard Thomas, Managing Director, Citrox Biosciences Ltd, said:

“Citrox Biosciences is very excited to be working with Mitie to able to offer their customers unparalleled surface protection with Citrox Protect to help provide a safe environment for everybody.”

Notes to editors

Notes to Editors

  1. Citrox Protect has been proven to meet the EN 14476:2013+A2:2019 standard, killing all enveloped viruses including certain coronaviruses, May 2020. Citrox has also met the EN 13727:2012+A2:2015 and EN 13624:2013 standards as tested by Abbott Analytical, May 2020. These standards demonstrate that Citrox is a medical-grade disinfectant. The product has not yet been tested against CoVid19 as the virus has not yet been released for general testing. 
  2. Citrox Protect is effective on all non-porous surfaces.
  3. Subject to wear and tear. Areas of high traffic may require more frequent application.


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